Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lola Is Pregnant!!

Out like a light from coming back from mom and dad's house has too much fun playing with maggie.
Sleepy head and the only good pictures I can get of her.

Little Growing belly.

So Lola is Pregnant!!! I am so excited, but this was way different then I have ever done breeding a dog. I had to take her to the vet to get a pap smear to see how far along she was. Then I had to find a stud. Now that was the hard part because there may be a lot of them out there but man are some of those bulldogs big. Meaning there was one that was 90lbs and 16 inches tall. He was good looking but Lola is barley 12 inches tall and weighs 60 lbs of solid muscle. I would maybe find one but then I didn't like how he looked or the stud fee was too much. So it was so hard finding the right one. Because Some of the stud fee's can be 1000 dollars but then you still have to give them a puppy and still pay for the vet to do the AI(artificial insemination). The male I picked is all white with some little brown spots on his ears, he has a great face and hips and is about an inch shorter the Lola and is only 56 lbs. I like to pick males that are smaller because it makes it easier for the female. I have a C-section set up just in case but hoping she does it on her own. Her mother did and the vet is hopeful because she has nice wide hips for a bulldog. It seems that all She wants to do is sleep so lets hope there is at least four cute puppies in there. She is due right before thanksgiving.

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