Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lola had her Puppies!

Cute little girl with one patch on her eye.

Little girl

The one and only boy.

I nice group shot of all seven.

Her first pup born.

Lola did a great job. I was all worried that the puppies heads would be too big. Bulldogs usually have to have c-section because of this. I had gotten a x-ray one week before to see how big they were and if we should even try doing it naturally. Her x-ray of the pelvis showed that it was a nice size and that the puppies heads so far would fit threw just fine. I set up an appointment anyways just in case though. On Friday she started having labor contractions at 6:00 a.m. that I noticed any ways. She did her nesting for about 8 hours in which time I got nothing done all day cause she wanted me to be by her the whole time. She finally had the first one after a little pushing and he came out feet first which isn't ideal but he didn't get stuck so I decided to let her have the rest. On the x-ray it showed five heads that I counted and three that the vet said for sure. Lola did a great job and had six girls and one boy. She is very good with the puppies and cautious about where she lays and making sure all her puppies are nice and warm. I was just so glad to have her be able to have her have the puppies naturally and not have to go threw a surgery. The puppies will be ready to go middle to the end of August and they are beautiful papered English bulldogs. If you know of anyone that would like one let me know they make great family dogs.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lola's week

Lola has been in heat. Since she had a false pregnancy last time I decided to have the AI done surgically. This can only be done with certian vets and the one that is close is two hours away. I had to get a blood test a week in to it to tell when would be the best time to bred her. The test came back so I had an appointment set up for May 2nd. I of course had to work and couldn't find anyone to work for me. My wonderful dad took her down to the Sandy vet and I went and picked her up after work. She was still walking like she was drunk but by the time we got home she was doing better. She won't get the staples removed for 14 days and in that time I am suppose to keep her from doing activiy. Ya right she is being difficult so when we go outside she has to be on a leash and I have to keep reminding her not to run. She is still on some pain meds and she be finished in a week. I am just hoping that this worked and that she is pregnant.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lola Is Pregnant!!

Out like a light from coming back from mom and dad's house has too much fun playing with maggie.
Sleepy head and the only good pictures I can get of her.

Little Growing belly.

So Lola is Pregnant!!! I am so excited, but this was way different then I have ever done breeding a dog. I had to take her to the vet to get a pap smear to see how far along she was. Then I had to find a stud. Now that was the hard part because there may be a lot of them out there but man are some of those bulldogs big. Meaning there was one that was 90lbs and 16 inches tall. He was good looking but Lola is barley 12 inches tall and weighs 60 lbs of solid muscle. I would maybe find one but then I didn't like how he looked or the stud fee was too much. So it was so hard finding the right one. Because Some of the stud fee's can be 1000 dollars but then you still have to give them a puppy and still pay for the vet to do the AI(artificial insemination). The male I picked is all white with some little brown spots on his ears, he has a great face and hips and is about an inch shorter the Lola and is only 56 lbs. I like to pick males that are smaller because it makes it easier for the female. I have a C-section set up just in case but hoping she does it on her own. Her mother did and the vet is hopeful because she has nice wide hips for a bulldog. It seems that all She wants to do is sleep so lets hope there is at least four cute puppies in there. She is due right before thanksgiving.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The New pictures of the Puppies

Here is some new pictures of the Puppies they have really grown and have gotten a lot of hair and are starting to really show their personalitys.

This is the little princess she wants to be with you all of the time.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Puppies
I had to put some of lola too.

So I had to put some pictures of Lola because she is so funny.

Millies pony tail is too tight she looks like she is chinese. Lola checking out the puppies and saying hi.

This little boy is so cute. He poses for the camra really well.

More of the New Puppies

Isn't she a doll.

Here is the new puppies Millie had six pups three boy and three girls. These pic are a few days after they opened their eyes so cute and small.

This is after I docked their tails and removed their dew claws.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pictures Of Lola

This is the new addition to my home. She is so funny and loves to play. Who ever said that bulldogs are lazy was way wrong. She does take naps because she is a baby still but when she is awake she is playing with millie the whole time. She has thinned out since her last pictures and is starting to look like a english bulldog. I took lots of photos and these were the best ones. I also did a video but she didn't do much but more to come.
Look at that cute face! You just have to love her

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